A Great Run

I’m sure this raises more questions than it answers for most, but after a great couple years here at Baseball-Prose, I’ve decided that there won’t be any new content on this site for the foreseeable future and that all old content has been removed.

This isn’t an easy decision for me to make. I’ve been granted a lot of opportunities over the past few years, but this site remains my favorite, my heart. It’s a site I not only built myself, but I also invested a lot of energy and emotion into the words that appeared here. I have no regrets about living so candidly during this stretch, but given recent developments, it’s become abundantly clear that there’s a danger living so publicly–and for my own good and safety, I regrettably had to make this decision.

I won’t be disappearing completely, I’ll still keep up my other writing obligations at SB Nation and The Platoon Advantage, but there won’t be any new content here indefinitely. I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has visited these pages over the years, it’s difficult to put into words how much I’ll miss this project. Tearful goodbyes are the hardest, and admittedly I don’t think I’ve ever felt heartbreak greater than giving up this project. I’m continually humbled by the comments and emails I’ve received from readers of this site–it’s been a great ride, so thank all of you very much.